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Welcome to VoroWiki!
This site is a collection of research ideas, applications and tutorials relating to Voronoi diagrams.
It currently contains 85 articles.

Introduction to Voronoi/Delaunay

Why do we care? Definition, history and importance of Voronoi diagrams. Is Voronoi always spatial?, Research topics

Voronoi diagrams in GIS

Applications and development of Voronoi models within the GI Science, including basic principles, spatial models, data structures and VD/DT algorithms...

Other applications

This Wiki not only covers Voronoi applications relevant in GI Science, but also other application areas, such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, Ornamental design, and so on. Please, follow the link to all application areas.

Theoretical disciplines

Mathematics, Computational Geometry,


... is welcome to participate by adding new sections and/or modifying what has already been done. To do so, simply register as a new user!

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Did you know...

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Easy navigation

Abbreviations, All pages, Categories, FAQ, ...
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